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Ozone Layer and Its Problems essays

Ozone Layer and Its Problems expositions A portion of the universes most splendid researchers have concocted the hypothesis, that mankind is gradually exhausting the ozone layer. By exhausting the ozone layer the planet gets hotter. Ozone exhaustion has been one of the most talked about issues in the previous twenty years, with regards to the earth. A large number of the speculations today state that if ozone consumption proceeds with the planet will get hotter and the polar ice top will liquefy. Somewhere in the range of five to twenty-five miles over the earth is a defensive cover of gases know as the environment. This climate assists with holding noticeable all around that we inhale and to shield the earth from the full impact of the suns bright beams (Emmel 22). The upper piece of the air is known as the stratosphere; this is the place the ozone layer is found. The ozone layer is the principle device for sifting through the vast majority of the suns bright beams and just makes up one-millionth of the climate. The ozone layer has one of the most significant employments in whole environment. Its responsibility is to ingest, reflect, or dispose of the same number of bright beams conceivable. Indeed, even with the entirety of this a portion of the UV beams despite everything get passed the ozone layer. In any case, in light of the ozone layer there are insufficient UV beams to hurt the earth. Notwithstanding the ozone layer life is it is today would not be conceivable. Around thirty or forty years prior researchers saw the beginnings of a little opening. Over the most recent multi year the gap has increased every single year. Presently the opening is as large as the United States and is sitting over Antarctica (Biggs 8). Unique estimating gadgets show that the ozone layer is allowing in twice the same number of UV beams as ordinary. In these most recent multi year researchers accept the ozone layer has been drained by two percent (Erratic 2). Numerous researchers have voices that additional radiation breaking through to the earths surface may prompt issues sometime later. Researchers recommend th ... <!

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Traumatic Shoulder Injury Rugby Union Health And Social Care Essay

Delegated a hit games by numerous athleticss sawboness the idea of Rugby Union results in relatively high paces of awful damages contrasted with different athleticss ( Sundaram et. al 2010 ) . Epidemiologic Injury Incidence Rates ( IIR ) exhibit that members who miss in any event 24hrs of games scope from 69-218 occurrences for each 1000hrs of show, with increasingly genuine IIRs being recorded each piece habitually as 13.26-13.95/1000hrs ( McManus et al. 2004, Garraway et Al. 1995 ) . New Australian epidemiological research of a major companion of 1475 rugger members over all degrees of rivalry ( School kid, novice, foundation, proficient ) have discovered that 14-28 % of whole rugger harms include the upper appendage ( McManus et al 2008, Usman 2012 ) , explicitly 66 % or an IIR of 13.12/1000hrs happening to the shoulder enunciation with damages, for example, ; Anterior Dislocations and breaks ( Usman et al 2012 ) .These upper appendage harms have been related with the longest clas p out of dramatization, evaluated as multiple matches/28days or more, in the Australian review ( Usman et al 2012 ) . The entirety of this data shows that upper appendage harms have a truly elevated pervasiveness in the sports and are other than rather draining. In contrasting with IIRs related with rugger members, everybody paces of Anterior interruption are each piece low as 1.7 % ( Boone 2010 ) .Considering this uniqueness in measurable occurring between the 2 populaces, the weakening idea of this hurt to rugby members and the way that it is incredibly prone to appear in a physical issue puting I have decided to think the equalization of this exposition on Anterior Dislocations of the shoulder.Anatomy and MechanismsPrior to talking the instrument of hurt engaged with this rugger related pathology, it is of import to premier determine what establishes the ordinary anatomical developments of the shoulder articulation.Normal AnatomyThe shoulder verbalization takes into account the m ost broadened extents of movements ( ROM ) in the full natural structure, due mainly to the structure of the GlenoHumeral Joint ( GHJ ) composite. This huge opportunity of movement relies upon stableness of the joint to remain dynamic and is accomplished by the inert and dynamic stabilizers: Latent stabilizers incorporate ; the glenoid labrum which builds the otic contact nation by up to 50 % , the extraneous coracoacromial curve and characteristic tendons connecting the humeral caput and the shoulder bone. Dynamic stabilizers incorporate ; the rotator turnup musculuss referred to mutually as SITS. Supraspinatus, Infraspinatus, Teres Minor and Subscapularis. The GHJ and its related developments are innervated by the suprascapular, sidelong pecs and alar nervousnesss. The two gatherings referenced above work in simultaneousness to keep up the humeral caput in close explanation with the glenoid pit and gracefully significant stableness so as to flexibly a typically working verbalization. ( Moore et al. 2009 )Mechanism of InjuryAs rugger is a hit sports with a few members at rapid ordinarily associated with any one occurrence, it is extremely hard to decide one unequivocal component of hurt. When addressed members are regularly dark within informations of the system, however it is accounted for that contact ( for example tackle condition of affairss ) is liable for 70 % of GHJ harms ( Usman et al 2012 ) with foul show only being liable for 6 % ( Crichton et al. 2012 ) .This is nothing unexpected as handling has been demonstrated to be a significant segment of the game with around 330 occurrences for each game ( Sundaram et al 2010 ) . Stran gely by and by embraced when estimated with the utilization of power tablets does non practice a high bounty power to do damage to the developments in the shoulder. Usman et Al ( 2011 ) estimated appropriate method tackle powers using predominant and non-prevailing shoulders both in the lab and on the field. The discoveries showed that endeavor just delivered a large portion of the entirety of power important to do horrendous mischief to the shoulder. In this manner there is more components to the instrument of GHJ hurt than just power through endeavor totally. Hence surveies have made utilization of picture examination to reevaluate a major base of GHJ harms so as to set up a component of hurt. It was discovered that there are three old style places ( c. f. addendum I ) in which GHJ happens in rugger ; The attempt scorer: jumping and making with the arm flexed above 90A ° Tackler: Abducted arm driven behind the member with a resulting back power Direct Impact: Impact to bear from hit or land. Marginally flexed or indifferent with some inner turning movement ( Crichton et al 2012 ) The Try-scorer and tackler were the most widely recognized gatherings for labral and humeral caput harms occurring in Antereoinferior GHJ disturbances, as the caput of the humerus is influenced by a switch activity from power transmitted through the arm in an inappropriate spot ( Crichton et al 2012 ) . This represents it is non undertaking that is the reason for hurt yet more so off-base strategy during a tackle or in contact with the land. The start of this ill-advised strategy is probably going to be because of tire occurring during the game. Handling was demonstrated to be an exhausting movement as less power was created with each tackle rehash when estimated ( Usman et al. 2011 ) Fatigue has other than been appeared to hold a negative result on a muscle head ‘s propioception or joint spot sense ( JPS ) . As weariness expansion mechanoreceptors around the GHJ musculuss can non precisely portray JPS. Therefore during contact the muscle head will non hold their GHJ in the ide al spot to ingest the power resulting in hurt, for example, those portrayed above from less solid handling ( Herrington 2008 and 2010, Sundaram et al 2010, Usman et al 2011 ) .Repetitive over-burdening of the inert stabilizers through wrong endeavor strategy can other than do ineptitude of the GHJ taking to miniaturized scale injury over clasp lastly sprain/disengagement of the joint ( Goldberg et al 2003 ) .Other peril factors that have other than been demonstrated to loan factors incorporate ; achievement, playing experience, hardware, old damages, playing spot and level of rivalry ( Usman et al 2011 )PathoanatomyIn Antereoinferior GHJ separations the humeral caput is constrained down through the inadequate sub-par container and anteriorly because of the boney squares of the acromial procedure, coracoid system and its tie ining tendon following in a total tear and break of the case in many occurrences. Similarly great as the ligamentous case hurt there is other than related mischi ef to both delicate tissue and bone ( Thomas et al 2007 ) . Concerning delicate tissue injury the most widely recognized pathoanatomy of delicate tissue is a Bankart sore ( Boone et al 2010 ) . This is a withdrawal of the anteroinferior Labrum and Inferior GH tendon with a farther 50 % of these appearing with related break of the Anterior edge of the glenoid pit ( Boone et al 2010 ) . Both of these happen when the humeral caput is constrained out of the pit during interruption. In the event that non treated appropriately, these sores will take to an incessant shakiness in the practiced shoulder, taking to intermittent interruptions as is seen in 21.5 % of frequencies during the main lucifer after come back to play ( Usman et al 2012 ) . Lasting interruptions are regular in rugger because of a figure of components, for example, early come back to play, non-careful mediation with stableness and different variables referenced above in instruments. Repeat causes the figure of developments included and the disagreeableness to build dramatically.The figure of Anterioinferior labral injuries expansion ( Doo-sup et al. , 2010 ) , Osseous Bankart sores other than increment up to 56-86 % with perpetual dislocators joined with a 67-100 % likeliness of other than holding a Hill-Sachs break ( Boone et al. , 2010, Beran et al. , 2010 ) . Slopes Sachs sores happen on the postereo-parallel caput of the humerus as it impacts on the glenoid pit.PresentationHistoryOn appearing to An and A ; E the patient will more than most likely depict one of the three situations above, saying that their arm was stole and remotely turned at the clasp of contact. They will other than portray to holding felt a tactless act and â€Å" dead † sho ulder after the episode ( Goldberg et al. , 2003 ) . The other boss side effect appearing with a disconnected shoulder are horrendous harming and diminished extent of signal. The patient will other than keep their arm protected in little snatching and outside turning motion.ExaminationExpression: The patient will hope to hold tiny ROM while discasing. The shoulder will look â€Å" squared off † with loss of deltoid form. Feel: The humeral caput is unmistakable anteriorly in the subcoracoid part. It is other than of import to contrast reciprocal outspread throbs with oversee out vascular hurt and to demonstrate the alar nervus in the ‘regimental identification mark ‘ over the deltoid respectively. Move: Active movement ; the patient can't complete Apley ‘s scraped spot preliminary, for example contact inverse shoulder, inverse shoulder bone, back of the cervix. In Passive movement the patient will challenge kidnapping and inside revolving movement. Creative mind: This must be never really out differential diagnosings of clavicular or humeral breaks. A shoulder injury arrangement ought to other than be requested Pre and Post decline. An AP or alar X raies are the most reasonable for Anterior disturbances. Post decline motion pictures are exceptionally of import as 37.5 % of breaks such Hills-Sachs are seeable that would hold been missed Pre-decrease. ( Thomas et al. 2007 )Treatment and RecoverySuitable absense of pain and musculus relaxants ought to be chosen, all things considered intra-articular infusions of lignocaine have been related with less complexities and diminished girdles than customary IV sedative absense of pain ( Wakai et al 2011 ) . The accompanying measure is to in a flash chopped down the shoulder, as an effective lessening is ordinarily connected with an articulated dec

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Diversification and Corporate Strategy McLaren Group Free Essays

Official Summary This report is engaged upon the corporate procedures received by McLaren Group throughout the long periods of its foundation. The McLaren Group was established in 1963 and entered Formula One hustling in 1966 accomplishing its first triumph at the Belgium Grand prix in 1968. Today, after 181 Grand Prix triumphs, the gathering possesses one of the world’s driving Formula One groups and has additionally extended to remember six separate organizations for an assortment of business sectors. We will compose a custom exposition test on Expansion and Corporate Strategy: McLaren Group or on the other hand any comparative point just for you Request Now This underlying assessment of the group’s development technique in mass vehicle advertise demonstrates that McLaren has effectively settled its one of a kind specialty showcase inside the mass vehicle showcase. Its banding together with famous segment providers has additionally guaranteed its effective mass vehicle advertise passage. As a major aspect of its development system, McLaren Groups has experienced both flat and vertical enhancement throughout the years to misuse its corporate skill and assets up to an ideal. In doing as such, the group’s enhancement methodology especially falls in accordance with the chronicled viewpoint of corporate broadening as talked about by Goold and Luchs (1993). This report will at first break down how McLaren Group alleviated the difficulties it looked in its offer for its mass vehicle advertise passage utilizing Michael Porter’s five powers system. Following that, the report will investigate the degree of expansion accomplished by the gathering throughout the years. At long last, the report will talk about whether McLaren’s broadening procedures harmonize with the recorded point of view of expansion as introduced by Goold and Luchs (1993). Alleviating Market Entry Barriers in Mass Car Market Dealing Power of Suppliers One of the market section obstructions as per Michael Porter (2008) relates to the provider dealing power. In the vehicle business, the provider dealing power is exceptionally high in that there are not many specific parts suppliers that could affirm with the prerequisites of a brand. McLaren alleviated this hindrance by going into associations with different providers, for example, Ford, BMW and Mercedes. Bartering Power of Consumers McLaren has exceptionally situated itself as a restrictive brand throughout the years. It is one of the notable brands of the world yet it stays select. By sticking carefully to a ‘pull strategy’ for advertising its street vehicles, the organization has relieved the purchasers dealing power in that its vehicles exceptionally looked for after. Danger of New Entrants McLaren had built up its high image value through long stretches of effective equation one hustling and other serious dashing before going into the top of the line purchaser vehicle showcase. McLaren is just second to Ferrari in being one of the most established dynamic recipe one hustling group. This kind of brand picture, understanding and specialized aptitude controlled by the organization moderated the market passage hindrances for McLaren. Since these abilities are not effectively duplicable particularly in a top of the line customer advertise, McLaren faces moderately low danger from other new participants. Danger of Substitutes and Competitive Rivalry McLaren normally delivers few units of its customer vehicle variations. These vehicles are profoundly particular street vehicles in that they look like McLaren’s dashing vehicles in their highlights. For these vehicles, McLaren has a specific specialty showcase which is less compromised by opponents or substitutes. Recently, the organization has chosen to mass produce its MP4-12C games vehicle to arrive at 4000 units by 2015. Level of Diversification Shown by the McLaren Group Broadening as a Growth Strategy Business firms must experience ceaseless development and change so as to hold their relative situation in the market and so as to improve their position, they should develop â€Å"twice as quick as that† (Ansoff, 1957, p.113). As indicated by Ansoff, there are four development methodologies specifically: advertise entrance, showcase advancement, item improvement and broadening. McLaren has widely executed expansion methodology for the group’s development. It has differentiated its item and administration offering throughout the years to support and improve its situation in the vehicle business. Beginning from a Woking based McLaren Formula One Team in 1966, McLaren Group presently involves 6 unmistakable organizations, whom the International Herald Tribune alluded to as ‘a little conglomerate’ (Brad, 2000). McLaren’s gathering of organizations include: McLaren Racing; McLaren; McLaren Automotive; McLaren Electronics Systems (MES); McLaren Applied Tec hnologies (MAT); McLaren Marketing and Absolute Taste. Expansion methodology requires a firm to procure new abilities, new procedures, and along these lines new conveniences. Resultantly, it frequently prompts a physical and authoritative rebuilding of a business which speaks to a difference from its past business encounters (Ansoff, 1957). McLaren has comparatively experienced such changes in accomplishing its current degree of enhancement. In spite of the fact that the ‘McLaren’ brand is as yet focused on its Vodafone McLaren Mercedes Formula One Racing Team, McLaren Group has wandered in different business, for example, street vehicle car business; electronic framework business for equation one groups; applied advances, showcasing, and food and accommodation business. In its push to house all these particular organizations, McLaren Group has constructed its best in class McLaren Technology Center (MTC). MTC is the group’s corporate and creation base camp (McLaren, 2013). Working as a secretly run business, McLaren has gone into organizations and joint undertakings with a few others, brands and gatherings of organizations like Vodafone and Mercedez, Bahrain Mumtalakat, TAG Group, to help it and money its enhancement procedure. Even and Vertical Diversification Scholarly writing with respect to broadening methodologies proposes that organizations embrace two kinds of enhancement to be specific flat and vertical. Flat broadening (additionally alluded to as related enhancement) includes collection of related or comparable items/administrations to the present item/administration profile of an organization (Charles and Bamford, 2010). It tends to be finished by securing contenders or through growing new items/benefits inside. Organizations normally intend to accomplish economies of scale through flat expansion. Organizations can likewise extend their contributions as well as enter new markets. Vertical broadening (additionally alluded to as aggregate or un-related enhancement) is the point at which an organization extends its activity into items or markets past its current assets and abilities (Cole, 2003; Charles and Bamford, 2010). This procedure is generally received when an organizations existing business has either developed or arrived at its pinnacle and began to decay. Besides, firms attempt vertical expansion additionally so as to relieve patterned vacillations in its deals and incomes. McLaren has experienced the two kinds of expansion throughout the long periods of its foundations. The organization has wandered into related car business (even expansion), in which the organization built up a customer vehicle car business called McLaren Automotive. Since its initial years, McLaren vehicles have been generally utilized by client groups other than its own works group (Nye, 1988; William, 2009). McLaren’s Chairman Ron Dennis imagined the company’s long haul future and demanded building up an innovative car creation plant wherein top of the line buyer vehicles would be constructed. McLaren Automotive has since built up itself as an overall brand and delivered two notable vehicles called McLaren F1 supercar and the Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren in a joint effort with Mercedes (William, 2009). McLaren Automotive likewise means to coagulate its image through its new MP4-12C vehicle. Notwithstanding its purchaser vehicle business, McLaren Group has likewise made a n organization called McLaren Electronic Systems, which delivers top of the line hardware control unit (ECU) for recipe one hustling groups, as a major aspect of its level broadening methodology. McLaren Electronic Systems makes probably the most developed race telemetry and sensor supplies that give inventive answers for hustling groups (McLaren, 2013). These level expansions are in accordance with Ron Dennis’s vision in which he sees that in the â€Å"21st Century to get by in F1 you have to have something other than a team† (Phillips, 2012). These enhancements furnish the organization with economies of scale in its center business and empower it to extend its road by catching the very good quality street vehicle advertise. As a component of its vertical expansion, McLaren has wandered into applied advancements. This business is engaged with creating earth shattering innovative arrangements in the field of game, medication, biomechanics and amusement. McLaren has utilized its general specialized expertise and diverted it broadly into a scope of improved innovative frameworks and arrangements through its Applied Technologies business. The company’s arrangements are planned for improving execution, reducing expenses or expanding effectiveness, just as presenting new methodologies in various pro fields (McLaren, 2013). Besides, McLaren has set up a promoting and publicizing business which predicts its showcasing exercises in keeping up its worldwide image picture while holding its eliteness. In addition, McLaren has likewise settled a food and cordiality business which goes to not just its clients at the equation one hustling tracks yet in addition other very good quality clients around the globe. T his broadening technique can be ascribed to the development of McLaren’s essential dashing business in which the organization has been working for very nearly 5 decades. McLaren is the second most seasoned dynamic

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So you want to be a software...

So you want to be a software developer/engineer/programmer? Welcome to the fifth installment of College Transitions So you want to be a†¦ series. Designed to help career-minded high school students think intelligently about their postsecondary journeys, these blogs will look at the financial, academic, and personal factors one should consider when exploring various professions.What’s the difference between a software developer, engineer, and programmer?These terms are sometimes used rather interchangeably which can lead to confusion. While there is a degree of overlap in terms of job duties and educational requirements, software developers, engineers, and programmers all have unique job duties and educational requirements.Programmers’ primary duties are creating and inputting code. Most programmers have computer science degrees; others are self-taught. In a Venn diagram, the ability to code would overlap for both programmers and those termed software developers. Typically, the job title of software developer goes to someone who is a generalist, well-versed in a number of systems and languages but not necessarily an expert in any one (like a programmer). Developers lead teams of programmers, possess strong communication skills, and help connect employees with expertise in different areas to work toward a bigger-picture goal.Here’s where things get unnecessarily confusing†¦some software engineers hold the title of software developer. However, the designation of engineer carries some weight and your average engineer would not enjoy being grouped as a â€Å"developer† with individuals lacking a degree in engineering. By definition, engineers explore the practical applications of scientific and mathematical principles as related to the creation of software. They, like developers are looking and the big picture of a project, but with a lens more focused on science than art.Do I need to attend a prestigious undergraduate school?One might assume that the colleges recruited at most heavily b y a premier tech companies such as Microsoft or Apple would be the usual suspects: Stanford, MIT, Berkley, Harvard, etc. Yet in reality, a school’s proximity is also of great importance.Redmond, Washington-based Microsoft plucks the majority of their employees from places such as nearby University of Washington, Washington State, and Western Washington University. Apple, located in the heart of Silicon Valley, draws a large portion of its workforce from nearby San Jose State and the University of Texas-Austin. Click here for more info.As with the engineering profession at large, entering the field of software development is more about what you can do than the name on your diploma. That being said, a computer science major from an elite school who also possesses an exceptional skill-set will be at a premium on the job market.What courses should I take in high school?It should come as little surprise that math is going to be of paramount importance. Taking a rigorous algebra, t rigonometry, geometry, and Pre-Calc/Calc class is a must, but none of these branches of mathematics translates directly to computer science.If possible, find a way to take a discrete mathematics class. Discrete math is the foundation of modern day computer science and includes topics such as combinatorics, probability, number theory, logic, and graph theory. While discrete math is a staple of most high school math competitions, it is not always offered by schools due to the facts that its content is not the primary focus of high-stakes state standardized tests or the SAT. You may have to take a summer course at a local college or study the subject on your own, but the rewards will be ample.Of equal â€Å"duh† status is to partake in any and every computer course offered by your school. AP Computer Science is immensely beneficial but is only available at fewer than 10% of American public high schools. Roughly 3,000 high school students in the U.S. take the AP Computer Science exam each year compared to over 300,000 who take AP Calculus. As with discrete math, ambitious students should seek dual enrollment opportunities or even opportunities to take a college course online or at a local institution.What should I major in?Appropriate fields of study for entry into this profession include computer science, computer information systems, software engineering, or mathematics. For computer programming, you’ll need to be well versed in programs such as C++, Java, html, Visual Basic, and CSS. Opportunities to complete independent research projects and obtain internships during your four years of study will be key in showing employers that you have the practical experience and knowledge needed to land your first job.Salary expectationsSoftware engineering is a well-compensated field, with the national average salary right around 90 grand. This is a rare career where the starting salary for a bachelor degree holding individual reaches almost $70,000 per year . Experienced engineers working for major multinational corporations such as Amazon, Yahoo, Hewlett-Packard, Oracle, and eBay will achieve average salaries in the low-six figures.Computer programmers, without the â€Å"engineer† title attached to their name will typically earn close to 50K out of college and will average out at around 70K. Those who go on to become IT Managers or take on other administrative duties can bring home salaries in excess of 100K.Job outlookJobs in software development are projected to grow at 22%, faster than the average occupation, through 2022. In addition to the continually-growing world of mobile applications, this field will also benefit from the expansion of information technology in the healthcare field as well as increased investment in electronic security for government and private networks.CT’s bottom lineJobs in the software development field, whether you are an engineer or a programmer are stable, well-compensated, a projected to grow significantly moving into the future. Those who are knowledgeable, experienced, and efficient will see a tremendous return on their educational investment whether they attend a selective tech powerhouse or a state school.To read previous installments of the So you want to be a series, click the links below:So you want to be a lawyerSo you want to be a doctorSo you want to be a teacherSo you want to be an engineer

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Logistics and operation managment Free Essay Example, 2250 words

It is commonly heard from the manager that they have about 10 years of supply of certain items. However the major concerns related to inventory management are the level of customers availing the service of the organization and cost associated with carrying and ordering inventories (Dooley, 2013). When the inter-link between the inventory management, capacity planning and scheduling is broken, it may result in overproduction, which may be a loss for the organization as the manufactured product may turn obsolete. It occurs when the organization allows every production operation to work as fast as it can, without concerning the balance between the working of other production operations. The imbalance between the inventory management, capacity planning and scheduling seems to be the result of ineffective management of the material. It is important for the organization to balance the supply chain processes, as not developing effective link between them can lead to disastrous results for the firm. The imbalance between these supply chain operation results in several operational challenges for the organizations such as suppliers’ issue, delivery delay, shortages or excess of product, demand upside, etc. We will write a custom essay sample on Logistics and operation managment or any topic specifically for you Only $17.96 $11.86/pageorder now These lists of challenges will only grow for the organization, if immediate action is not taken to for restoring the balance of the supply chain processes. It is observed that supply chain organizations are always facing some kind of intense budget constraints. In situations like these the organizations are seen flitting from one issue to the other. The managers do not have time to step back and analyze each step of the supply chain process, however they seems to be more concern with gaining control immediate control over the situation. This is when the imbalance between inventory management, capacity planning and scheduling grows and become and alarming issue for the organization. The continuous problems faced by the managers as the result of imbalance in inventory management, capacity planning and scheduling reduce the morale of the production managers as they start doubting their capabilities. This psychological effect resulting from the imbalanc e of the supply chain process may not be evident in short term but their long term effects cannot be ignored at any cost. Inefficiency in the supply chain process may provoke the higher management to question the credibility of the manager. Many of them may have to lose their job as the result of the continuous loss faced by the firm.

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Why Was The Declaration Of Independence Written - 1089 Words

Why was the Declaration of Independence Written? Just like many other politically based holidays such Martin Luther King Jr. Day, Memorial Day, or Labor Day, the American people don’t really understand as a whole what the 4th of July really means or why the Declaration of Independence was adopted. There were true struggles that occurred during these times of oppression that jolted the revolution of America. Today’s America focuses on the liberties gained from it and the sole fact that the Declaration was signed on July 4th by future presidents, but do not know what caused it to be written or what was to be accomplished. Google Scholar The writing of the Declaration of Independence had many causes and reasons to be written. People of this century might not understand how the colonists of the 18th century felt. Today there are many laws and taxes put in place, so many that we can’t keep track, that it is only second nature to accept them. For the colonists, these were hard to accept and one by one kept building tension(resentment), as if each were a breath of air into a balloon before it popped. Carl Becker stated that the writing of the Declaration was, â€Å"Not to declare independence, but to proclaim to the world the reasons for declaring independence†(p. 5). It was intended to say that they had already had independence and that they had the same right of every free people; the natural rights of man. It was to centralize their political leader’s idealizations of unfairlyShow MoreRelatedThe Declaration Of Independence By The United States1106 Words   |  5 PagesThe setting of the Declaration of Independence was the United States. It was declared on July 4, 1776. After the Boston tea party rebellion the United states wanted their independence. One will describe why the declaration of independence was written. What lead to the cause for writing such a document. The leaders who wrote the declaration. And what the colony was going through for it to lead to the circumstances. One will look at how England was treating the colonies that made them want to be the irRead MoreInfluence Of The Declaration Of Independence711 Words   |  3 PagesThe Influence of the Declaration of Independence The Declaration of Independence written by Thomas Jefferson in 1776, influenced the US Constitution and the Bill of Rights which was later written by James Madison in 1787. The purpose of the Declaration of Independence was to declare independence from England and outline what rights they wanted and why they should have them because their voices and opinions were not being heard. The goal for the US Constitution was to ensure that the new governmentRead MoreImportance Of The Declaration Of Independence707 Words   |  3 PagesThe Declaration of Independence was written in 1776 and its purpose was to declare America colonies be free and independent from Great Britain, get other colonists on board, and to encourage other nations to help them withdraw from the British. The first draft was of Declaration of Independence was written by Thomas Jefferson and then edit by Franklin and Adams and on July 4 the Declaration had been officially adopted by Committee of Five. In the draft Thoma s Jefferson was trying to break connectionsRead MoreSimilarities Between The Declaration Of Independence And The Declaration Of Independence948 Words   |  4 Pagesof time and have become statement pieces for our society. In this group, the Declaration of Independence by Thomas Jefferson and Common Sense by Thomas Paine both hold high positions. Thomas Paine wrote â€Å"The Crisis†, which was a chapter in his pamphlet Common Sense, which advocated that the thirteen original colonies gain independence from Great Britain. The Declaration of Independence was a government document written in 1776 that proclaims America a state of democracy not connected to Britain.Read MoreThe Declaration Of Independence By Thomas Jefferson1113 Words   |  5 PagesStates Constitution, Declaration of Independence share many similarities and probably the same amount of differences. The Unites States Constitution was written on 17 September 1787 and the Declaration of Independence was written on 4 July 1776, the dates hold no significance at that time, but the Declaration was written first. This shows that out of the three the Declaration of Independence was written first, and with that being said was most important. Usually documents written and signed first becomesRead MoreThe Declaration Of Independence And Independence877 Words   |  4 PagesThe Declaration of Independence The Declaration of Independence is without a doubt one of the most important documents ever to be written in American history so far. It was signed by fifty-six different men, all who were representatives from different states. The person who wrote the Declaration of Independence is someone who we all know and grew up learning about, the famous Thomas Jefferson. The purpose of it was to declare the 13 colonies in America free and independent from Great Britain, getRead MoreThe Opinion Of The Declaration Of Independence880 Words   |  4 Pagesfreedom began with the signing of a very important document called the Declaration of Independence. In 1776, the Declaration of Independence was written by Thomas Jefferson, John Adams, Roger Sherman, Robert Livingston, Benjamin Franklin, and signed by John Hancock. It was written in a time of turmoil between the 13 original colonies and Britain. It has three parts – the preamble, indictment and conclusion. The Declaration was writt en to provide a theoretical case for revolution, to list complaintsRead MoreCommon Sense And The Declaration Of Independence1517 Words   |  7 PagesCommon Sense and the Declaration of Independence are two very important documents in American history. Written by Thomas Paine, although not an official document, promotes thoughts that the citizens understood and needed, but did not know how to express their actions and ideas. The Declaration states the necessary reasons for independence in the colonies as well as the importance that their are equal rights. The Declaration announced to the world as a unanimous decision that the thirteen coloniesRead MoreThe s Belief That All Men1295 Words   |  6 PagesPublished on March 8, 1775, On African Slavery by Thomas Paine was available for the public ten months and two days before Common Sense. Despite the difference in publishing dates these two written works provide numerous similarities. For example, On African Slavery is addressed â⠂¬Å"To Americans:† (Paine 1) and Common Sense is similarly â€Å"Addressed to the Inhabitants of America† (1). Furthermore, both written works address Paine’s belief that all men are â€Å"originally equals† (71). In Common Sense, PaineRead MoreThomas Paine Common Sense Analysis1052 Words   |  5 PagesThe birth of a nation does not happen overnight nor with one word. One can clearly see how words and ideas have an impact on people’s thoughts and writing by examining â€Å"The Declaration of Independence† and Thomas Paine’s â€Å"Common Sense.† Basically, the two documents echo principles stated in John Locke’s â€Å"Second Treatise of Government,† and share a style of expressing their feelings on national issues; the authors examine and give reasons for colonial problems with the government and offer a solution

Methodology for Engineering and Construction Domain-Case Study

Question: Describe about the Methodology for Engineering and Construction Domain. Answer: Introduction: In this report project management methodologies that can applied in an engineering and construction domain are written. The case study that is chosen for this report includes the challenges that are faced by the construction industry. The challenges will be seen from the view of a project manager. The methodologies that can be applied in order to solve the problems or the challenges faced by the project manager of the construction industry are also included in this report. The proper sequence and all the components or processes of the project management in a construction industry are also included in this report. The information regarding the project management methodologies are taken from PMBOK which is a popular resource of important information and guidelines of project management throughout the world. Project management and engineering and construction industry: Project management can be defined as the system where a combination of tools, skills, knowledge and different techniques are applied to the activities of a particular project in order to achieve the requirements of the project (PMBOK guide, 2000). There are different steps that are to be followed in proper order in order to accomplish a successful project or to manage a project effectively and efficiently. These steps or process are known as initiating, planning, executing, controlling and closing (Collins, 2011). There are several areas that are to be managed by a project management team and these area are known as management of the integrity of the project, scope of the project management, management of the project time or duration, management of the costs of the project, quality management of the project, managing the human resource system of the project and project communications management (Kerzner, 2001). The risks in a project are also to be managed by the project management t eam. Procure management is another important activity of the project management team. All these are included in a construction industry and the project management team of a construction work must execute all of these. In case of a construction industry these are explained below: Project integration management: In this segment it is the duty of the project management team or the project manager to ensure that all the activities and the elements of a project are properly co ordinated and integrated with each other (PMBOK guide, 2000). The construction industry contains a lot of complicated activities and therefore, in order to make the construction project work successful and effective ( also efficient ), all the activities and elements of a construction work must be properly co ordinated and integrated with each other. Project scope management: In this segment all the works that are required to be done in order to meet the objectives of the project work are described (PMBOK guide, 2000). It includes the processes of the project management such as initiation, scope of the planning, scope of the definition, scope of the verification, developing the schedule and controlling the developed schedule. Project time management: In this segment the project management team estimates the time required for each and every activity that are performed in the project work and as a result of this the time of the entire project can be estimated (PMBOK guide, 2000). In order to do this, the works are broken into small works or activities, and then they are defined properly, after these small jobs are properly sequenced so that no time can be wasted. From the estimation of the duration of the activities a schedule is also developed and then this developed scheduled is properly controlled by the project management team or the project manager. Project cost management: It is one of the most important tasks of the project management team. The project management team or the project manager needs to control the costs of the project so that the entire project work can be completed within the specified budget (PMBOK guide, 2000). It includes several activities like cost control, cost budgeting, cost estimating, resource planning and other similar jobs. In an engineering and construction industry all the jobs are broken into small activities and then the costs are estimated. They are arranged in proper order in which the costs will be reduced at the minimal level in order to reduce the cost of the entire project work (Collins, 2011). The main objective of the project management team in an engineering and construction industry is to keep the cost of the entire project within the specified budget. Project quality management: The project management team is also responsible for ensuring that the quality of the entire project can meet the requirements of the project (PMBOK guide, 2000). In this segment there are also several activities that are to be performed by the project management team and these are known as quality control, quality assurance and quality planning (Kent and Becerik-Gerber, 2010). In an engineering and construction industry quality management is done by performing four steps sequentially and these four steps are known as the development and implication of the quality policy, development of the quality objectives, generating requirement standards and other regulatory and statutory requirements. In order to maintain the quality procedures all the documents must be properly controlled. The records and the non conforming products are also to be controlled properly (Collins, 2011). All the internal qualities must be properly audited. The project management team is also responsible for taking proper corrective and preventive actions according to the requirements. All the plans and reports must be properly inspected in order to ensure the quality of the work. A check list must be made by the project management team of an engineering and construction industry in order to ensure that all the required activities are being properly performed. Project human resource management: It is the most important duty of the project management team to ensure that the employees or the workers who are involved in the project work are properly skilled and efficient (PMBOK guide, 2000). In order to execute proper human resource management, proper organisation planning is required. It also needs proper acquisition of the staff and efficient team development. In an engineering and construction industry different types of activities are performed and therefore in this industry different types of employees and workers are also required. The project management team of an engineering and construction industry must ensure that none of the employees or the workers face any difficulty or problem in the construction site (Hughes et al., 2004). Proper co ordination must be kept among them. All the employees and workers must be properly trained, skilled and qualified for the job for which they are recruited. Project communications management: The project management team or the project manager is also responsible for ensuring proper generation, dissemination, collection, disposition and storage of the information of the project (PMBOK guide, 2000). It requires proper communication planning, reporting of the performance, distribution of the information and the closure of the administrative information. As an engineering and construction industry contains a lot of activities and all the activities are inter related with each other, proper information is required for executing the entire project work successfully (Heerkens, 2002). Therefore in engineering and construction industry communications management is very important. Project risk management: The project management team needs to identify the probability of all the possible risks. After identifying the risks they are also analysed and according to the chance of occurrence the required actions are taken (PMBOK guide, 2000). It includes a risk management planning. First of all the risks are identified. Then they are analysed qualitatively. Not only qualitative, but after this a quantitative analysis of the identified risks are also done. A risk response planning is also made in this portion of the project management methodology. Then they are properly monitored and controlled. In an engineering and construction industry, there are different types of risks that can take place. The risks in the engineering and construction industry are classified into several classes and these are known as technical risks, logistical risks, management related risks, environmental risks, financial risks, and socio political risks (Deeprose, 2002). The technical risks include several factors li ke improper investigation of the construction site, incomplete design, improper specifications, and the uncertainty and unavailability of the source of the materials. The logistical risks include the factors like inadequate transportation facilities and unavailability of the equipments and spare parts that are used in the engineering and construction industry. The management related risks include the risks of uncertain productivity and different types of problems in the industrial relations. The environmental risks include the risks like natural disaster and seasonal and weather problems (Lambeck and Eschemuller, 2009). The financial risk is the risk that must be analysed properly. It includes the risks like local taxes, inflation, payment delays, and repartition of the funds and the fluctuation of the foreign exchange. On the other hand the socio political risks include the risks like the insistence on the use of the domestic or local agents and firms. The problems of the restrict ion of the customs in importing a foreign material are another important risk factor and it is also included in the socio political risks. In construction project there some common sources from which different types of risks can take place within the organisation and these common sources of risks are given below (Deeprose, 2002): Alteration in the requirements and scopes of the construction project Errors in the design Design omission Roles and responsibilities are not properly defined Inadequate skilled staff Subcontractor Insufficient experience of the contractor New methods and technology Uncertainty regarding the primary relationship among the project participants Force majeure Unfamiliar with the new methods and technology in the construction industry Project procurement management: The project management team describes the methods that can be used for acquiring goods and also different types of services from the outside of the organisation that is performing (A guide to the project management body of knowledge (PMBOK guide, 2000). There are several activities that are to be performed in order to make the procure management successful and effective. It includes the activities like procurement planning, selection of source, solicitation, planning of solicitation, administration of the contract, and the close out of the contract (Harbhajan Singh, 2009). In case of an engineering and construction industry there are four main principles of the procurement processes and these are known as general contracting, design and build, construction management and the contract management. In case of general contracting, it is the traditional or conventional procurement method. In this method the contractor works with the employer (Tang, 2003). Conclusion: It can be concluded from the report that the project management methodologies are very important in an engineering and construction industry. The project management team and the project manager of an engineering and construction industry must be effective and efficient in order to make the entire construction work successful. From the report it can also be understood that the project management team can improve the efficiency of the entire construction work significantly. References A guide to the project management body of knowledge (PMBOK guide), (2000). Collins, R. (2011).Project management. New York: Nova Science Publishers. Deeprose, D. (2002).Project management. Oxford, U.K.: Capstone Pub. Harbhajan Singh, (2009).Construction project management. Chandigarh: Abhishek Publications. Heerkens, G. (2002).Project management. New York: McGraw-Hill. Hughes, S., Tippett, D. and Thomas, W. (2004). Measuring Project Success in the Construction Industry.Engineering Management Journal, 16(3), pp.31-37. Kent, D. and Becerik-Gerber, B. (2010). 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